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1x 6ml Roll-on Perfume Oil by Surrati

1x 6ml Roll-on Perfume Oil by Surrati


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Product Description

The Following are available:
1. Aqva 121
2. Black Oud
3. Black XXS
3. D. Brown (Not Available)
5. E-Collection
6. Fehranheit
7. Golden Sand
8. Hojo
9. Jadour
10. Mukhallat Faris
11. Musk Al Tahara
12. Sugar Baby
13. Suzan
14. Mukhallat Badr
15. Kalimat

Surrati is Middle East’s leading perfume manufacturer which creates fine traditional Arabian and oriental perfumes.

High quality exotic long longer lasting and is free from alcohol.
Comes in roll-on vials makes it easy to anoint.
Unique blend of perfume oils is suitable for men and women.

Ingredients: Synthetic perfume oil, limonene, flower blossom, herbs & spices

Manufactured in Holy Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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