Al Daffah Arab Jubbah (White)


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Sizes Available (Limited Stock) 52 to 60

Al-Aseel Arabian Thobe is considered one of the well known products of its kind in the world, where it is made to suit all ages and from the finest imported fabrics of the most famous manufacturers like Tejin, Toray, Nisshinbo, Toyobo and others. It is manufactured of silky filament and spun polyester to give it its cool and smooth feeling through the summer. And also made of polyester and cotton with a touch of wool to give it its warmth through the winters.

This beautifully made Aseel Jubba or Thobe have been produced by the famous Saudi company Al-Aseel and is from the high quality Radium range of jubbas. Produced in a soft feel material in stunning pure white these thobes are manufactured to the highest standards. With two side pockets (with a sewn in coin pocket) and a breast pocket these are practical thobes as worn throughout the Middle East.