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This unique scholarly work of Muftī Abū Lubābah Shah Mansūr hafizahullāh probably shines out among the best of works on the interesting and intriguing topic of Dajjal Who When Where.

This work clearly indicates to the conditions and circumstances of the era of Dajjal Who When Where and it is a comprehensive overview of the conditions that will affect humanity.

The book in your hands has been written within the parameters of the explanations given by the senior scholars and every line of it calls for reform and action.

It is a message of turning to Allāh. It covers spiritual and practical steps that one must take in order to face the greatest trial in the history of humanity.

The author calls on you not only to study this work for information and curiosity, but to strive to change your life and build the enthusiasm and vigour to live and sacrifice yourself for the cause of religion.

Muftī Abū Lubābah Shah Mansūr hafizahullāh is a brilliant contemporary scholars and prolific author from Pakistan.

He serves as a teacher of Hadith at Jami’a Ar-Rashid in karachi, Pakistan.

He has more than thirty works to his credit and has written more than a thousand articles for different journals and magazines in pakistan.


To the people of Iman who are not ready to bow before the powerful authority of those who support the dajjali fitnah despite these powers having control over the laws and means.

For those who live a life of Iman and want to die upon it.

O Allah, make us from them through your mercy, O the most merciful of those who show mercy.