Riyadus Saliheen (New)


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Author/Translator: Imam An-Nawawi / Mohamed Mahomedy
Publisher: Zam Zam
Pages: 856
Binding: Hard Cover
Weight: 1100g

The Riyad as-Salihin of Imam Nawawi (r.a.) is a well known and popular collection of Ahadith covering various themes. Ever since it was written, this book played a major role in the reformation of individuals and societies. The purpose of this book, in the words of its author is this:

“I felt that I should compile a short collection of authentic Ahadith which will be means for the traveller to the Hereafter, through which he will acquire internal and external etiquette, which will combine [Ahadith] which create a yearning [for Paradise] and a fear [of Hell], and all other types of etiquette for those treading the path. These Ahadith will have lessons on abstention (zuhd), [spiritual] exercises for the souls, the development of character, the purifications and treatments for the hearts, the protection of the limbs and removing their waywardness, and other objectives of the ‘arifin (those who have truly recognized Allah).”

If a person studies this book with the above-mentioned objects in mind, he is sure to achieve his goal, and if Allah wills gain salvation both in this world and in the Hereafter.