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Stories of the Ambiya for Children

New! Stories of the Ambiya for Children  

Stories of the Ambiya for Children


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Product Description

This great children’s Islamic book contains a brief history of various Prophets in simple language, without going into specific details which can be read in other works as one grows up.

Prophets discussed include:

Nuh (Noah)
Ibrahim & Isma’il (Abraham & Ishmael)
Yusuf (Joesph)
Yunus (Jonah)
Musa (Moses)
Dawud (David)
Sulayman (Solomon)
Zakariya & Yahya
Isa (Jesus) (alaihimussalaam)

After every story the following is included:

1.) Beneficial lessons,
2.) Questions suited for children

In essence the history of 15 Ambiyaa (Alayhimus Salaam) are elucidated so that children may understand the reasons for sending them and the importance of their message.

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