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The Hajj Fun Game : Board Game Box

Sale! The Hajj Fun Game : Board Game Box  

The Hajj Fun Game : Board Game Box

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Product Description

The Hajj Fun Game : Board Game Box
By: Saniyasnain Khan

The Hajj Fun Game offers you entertainment and fun and at the same time makes it easy for you to learn the meaning and message of hajj and to acquire a knowledge of the important historical places associated with it. It will enable you to learn how the acts and rites are performed during hajj and what its dos and don’ts are. In short, the Hajj Fun Game will bring alive the annual pilgrimage of Hajj.

This game introduces you to the Hajj pilgrimage and helps you :
Learn all about it!
Know the historical places of Hajj
Know how the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) performed his hajj
Cherish the message of the hajj!

A special gift for children and source of inspiration for the entire family. Ages 8 to Adult.


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