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Stories Of The Sahabah For Youth

New! Stories Of The Sahabah For Youth  

Stories Of The Sahabah For Youth


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AUTHOR: Sheikh Hamid Ahmed At-Taahir
TRANSLATED BY: Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias
PUBLISHED: Zam Zam Publishers | Karachi, Pakistan


Stories of the Sahabah for youth is one of the best book for youth. It is an exquisite gift for youth, containing lessons of Sahabah and many more. Stories of the Sahabah for the Youth aid in character building, personality refinement and developing a tremendous awareness that one must please Allah at all times. The elders promoted and encouraged the relating, narrating and listening to stories of the friends of Allah.
Malik ibn Dinar said: “Stories are the presents of Paradise.”
It is extremely important that the Islamic education commences from a very early age, slowly and systematically so that proper Shaari upbringing results.

This book tells the story of 20 most popular and pioneering companions of the Prophet (SAW). It then identifies some closed and open questions relating to what has been covered so that the shild can be tested whether they have retained the information accurately. It also mentions some beneficial lessons to be learned from said companion so that the story is summarised in just few lines.



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